Cheque raised for the Fisherman's Mission

Tuesday 7th October, 2014 - 10:10am

On the 13th September 2014 five choirs from ports around Cornwall gathered at Redruth Methodist Church in a gala concert to raise funds for the Fishermen's Mission. Singers and audience had come from far and wide, and there was a great sense of anticipation in the air as the church filled. The sense of anticipation was magnified as the five choirs quickly ran through where they needed to be seated and then moving to, to lead their section of the concert. It was an operation run with almost military precision (but don't tell the military people that!) as each choir got where they needed to be to perform their five or six song slot.

The Mission Centre at Newlyn covers the whole of Cornwall, so it was fitting that a choir from the east end started proceedings, and the evening gradually worked towards the west. Polperro Fishermen's Choir have a huge reputation for entertaining the visitors in their own neck of the woods, and they brought some fresh music to start the evening, including a composition by their accompanist. Conducted by Phil Carrigan, with Lorraine Forsdick at the keyboard they got the evening off to a great start.

The next choir, also famed for their quayside concerts, were the Mevagissey Male Choir. With Matthew Fox at the keyboard, and Graham Willcox directing, they gave good account of themselves with some old and new pieces. Newquay Male Voice Choir then took up the baton, with Judith Pinguey conducting and Chris Bennett at the keyboard. Their varied selection featured a couple of sea songs which were particularly appropriate to the Fishermen's Mission.

Nankersey Male Choir swiftly followed, with the movement of the choirs almost breathtaking (but not quite). Nankersey have recently appointed Michael Uren as their full time accompanist, and he was on fine form, as was musical director Elaine Tangye. The choir added to the entertainment with their songs from the shows, and a couple of male voice classics.

The last individual choir on show was Mousehole Male Voice Choir. Their musical director Stephen Lawry had brought the evening together, but the choir felt no pressure, following on from such fine singing! With Annette Turton at the keyboard the choir seemed very composed as they showed their full dynamic range and explored the changes of mood in their pieces to great acclaim from the audience, who had not been disappointed by a wonderful evening.

With each of the choirs coming from ports around Cornwall there was a common bond in both that and being a part of the male voice fraternity, and you could feel this as they joined to sing Morte Criste as a finale, with Michael Uren at the organ, and Stephen Lawry conducting. The choirs were amazing!

The evening was enhanced by having Rev Julyan Drew to chair proceedings. With a grand selection of jokes and humour he really kept things moving. Events were brought to a sharp focus by Superintendent Keith Dickson from the Fishermen's Mission who explained why it is so important to support the Fishermen's Mission, who in turn support fishermen and their families.

Stephen Lawry presented a cheque for £2,550 to Superintendent Keith Dickson, on behalf of the five choirs, at a Mousehole rehearsal. Also present was Rev Julyan Drew, who as well as chairing the concert with such great good humour, is also president of Mousehole Male Voice Choir.
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