Choir Donate Funds To Mousehole Harbour Lights

Tuesday 31st January, 2023 - 11:24am

At the Christmas concert every year, the choir have a nominated charity which we raise funds for. This year our selected charity was very much close to home, Mousehole Harbour Lights. The lights give much joy in the village and have also gained an international reputation in providing much Christmas cheer. The Harbour Lights committee have been raising funds to build a new shed in which to keep and maintain the existing displays as well as building new lights for the harbour.

At choir practice on Monday (30th January) evening, the choir chairman, Jon Pender, presented a cheque for 2,500.00 which was raised at the concert to Bob Aldridge, a Trustee for the Harbour Lights and a member of the Baritone section. Thank you everyone who came to the concert and contributed to this magnificent total. As a choir we very much appreciate the support that the community gives us.
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