Mousehole Male Voice Choir with Olympic Flame

Friday 1st June, 2012 - 9:15am

The morning after the night before!  It was a joy to see four dozen choir members turn out to sing on the steps of Penzance's town hall, St John's Hall, just a few hours after the concert at the Catholic Church in the town.  The men were there in time to see the Olympic Torch carried through the town (along with all the coaches, cars, police motorbikes and brand advertising lorries) and then found their way through the crowds who had gathered, to form up on the fine granite steps in front of the hall.  
Having started to sing at 9.10 am it was amazing how fresh a sound the men produced.  All items were sung unaccompanied, and the large audience really appreciated the quality of the singing, and the variety of songs which the men were able to perform.   The attention the men paid to Musical Director, Stephen, at the bottom of the steps, also made a big impression on some other singers and musicians who were amongst the audience.
As an event it was one which had been taken on with a little trepidation, (glossed over with the usual positive attitude) but it was enjoyable for all who took part, as well as those listening.
After a vote of thanks from the Penzance Town Council, in the person of top tenor Jon Pender, it was off for the promised bacon roll, which each member received from the generous people of the Farmers' Market.
Let's hope that, although seeing the Olympic Torch was almost certainly a once in a lifetime event in Penzance, those who listened to and appreciated the choir will come and hear us again soon.
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