Paul Feast Concert 2017

Monday 9th October, 2017 - 11:45am

On Sunday last the choir performed at Paul Church, as they have done for over sixty years. It was the first time that the choir had sung without the backdrop of the East window behind them as it has now been removed for renovation. Singing on ‘home turf’ meant that the choir had to be at its best, and based on the comments from members of a very large audience it seems that the choir achieved it. The guest artist for this year’s concert was a very talented, local, young violinist, Lauren Sweeny, She was accompanied on piano by David Evans, one of the choirs second tenors. Her tone  was warm and rich, particularly for the last piece, the ancient Irish melody, ‘Danny Boy’. At the end of the concert Rev. Andrew Yates reminded everyone that this was the first Paul Feast Concert without John Harry. In memory of him, the choir’s president, Rev. Julyan Drew, read out the Lord’s Prayer in Cornish.

Before the start of the very festive season coming up fast (I can’t bring myself to mention the word as it’s still too early, even though we are now practising music for it!!) our next concert is in Mevagissey on Saturday 21st October at St Andrew’s Church commencing at 7:30pm
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