Porthleven Christmas

Wednesday 6th December, 2023 - 6:41pm

Whilst half of the country is being told rather prematurely and loudly by Noddy Holder that "It's Christmas!" and the other half were wishing rather optimistically that they were the person that Maria Carey was talking about when she sang "All I Want For Christmas Is You", down in Porthleven and surrounding areas all anyone wants for Christmas is the Porthleven Town Band and Mousehole Male Voice Choir.
         Well on Tuesday, December 5th at St. Bartholemew's Church in Porthleven, a sold out audience had their Christmas wishes come true. This annual concert is a huge favorite with the choir and the band. The reassuring sight of proud and expectant relatives and friends of the Porthleven Town Band were looking forward to hearing the recent section winners in the British Championships performing alongside Mousehole Male Voice Choir.
      Under the command of conductor Tom Bassett, this band has gone from strength to strength and it is always a joy to watch and listen to young musician's playing with such enthusiasm and skill. They bring such joy, festive cheer and some very agile dance and choreography movement to some of their pieces. The slightly  less young and not so agile members of the choir, whilst enjoying the gymnastic display, would have been fervently hoping that Mousehole's MD, Steve Lawry, was not about to incorporate this balletic brilliance to any of our future concerts!
         The Choir really does enjoy this annual concert. It signifies the start of Christmas for most of the men. There is an air of trepidation as we sing for the first time our set of Christmas carols in public. But we always seem to rise to the occasion...thanks mainly to the brilliant work our MD and music team have put in during practice. And I think that the men feel comfortable at this concert. It's like an old friend you visit every year. There is a reassuring warmth and familiarity throughout the whole evening. The dulcet tones of Radio Cornwall's Peter Richmond,with his parables and stories help the evening flow. The church is always full, looks beautiful and the audience is receptive.The perfect recipe for some quality singing.
      I hope that the two new second tenors, John Brooks and Frank Adams, enjoyed their first concert with Mousehole. Welcome aboard and here's to many more. I am informed that Frank Adams is the only choir member born  in this century! That's not something his proud father, Bruce Adams, in the bass section can claim. They both have fine voices. Like father, like son as they say.
 And young Frank is following on in his father's footsteps by nipping down to The Harbour Inn after the concert to carry on the important tradition of the afterglow which was enjoyed by all.
    The Choir must thank Maureen Trevorrow for her beautiful flute playing and Charles Parke for his lovely solo in "O Holy Night".Thanks also to Dave Williams, our assistant MD, and to Annette Turton for her wonderful piano playing. Last, but by no means least, a huge thanks to our brilliant MD, Steve Lawry. has encouraged,cajoulled, and willed us to become a better Choir. He will be looking for even more at our Christmas Concert on the 22nd of December at St. Pol de Leon Church in Paul. It starts at 7.30 and our special guests are the ever popular Twin Harmony and young Oliver James, a terrific violinist and our secretary Tim James's grandson. All the tickets have been sold and this will be another wonderful concert.
      As the song goes..."I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas". I'm afraid I can't promise you snow...but I can, on behalf of Mousehole Male Voice Choir, say,

John Brooks and Frank Adams. Main picture proud father, Bruce Adams and his son Frank.

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