Sadness and joy

Tuesday 1st October, 2013 - 4:55pm

First, we must sadly record the death of Alan 'Biffo' Johns; his passing, at only 63, will be a great loss to the tenor section of the choir. Members of the choir attended and sang at his funeral on Monday.
But the show must go on and go on it did in fine style when Mousehole Male Voice Choir with Mevagissey Male Voice Choir presented a joint concert in St Andrew's Church, Mevagissey, last Saturday. Every audience seat was taken, including hastily assembled 'extras' so that members of both choirs had to stand when not singing. It led to some amusing counter-marching in the restricted side aisles as the performers changed over between their slots. 

Mousehole's MD, Stephen Lawry, filled in the changeover gaps with funny stories, one of which caused such hilarity that the start of the following piece was delayed while the singers and accompanist Annette Turton recovered their composure.
The Mousehole choir travelled by coach and was royally entertained in transit by choir member Rodney Ward with his hilarious commentary on a previous joint concert as if it were a Rugby Match. There were delays in transit, and some excitement because the automatic door of the coach flew open several times while on the move and adjustments were needed.
When two of the finest male voice choirs in Cornwall, each with their own unique style, get together one can expect wonderful entertainment and the audience got a night to remember. Great praise is due to Graham Willcocks, the Mevagissey MD, Matthew Fox, their accompanist, Stephen Lawry, the Mousehole MD, Annette Turton, their accompanist, for the work they put in to create such special events.
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