Singing Our Hearts Out For Ukraine

Monday 2nd May, 2022 - 12:17pm

For the first time in over two years, following the Covid pandemic, Mousehole Male Voice Choir hosted a joint concert on Sunday 10th April. For our ‘first’ joint concert we were joined by Nankersey Male Choir. Whilst the concert had been planned for sometime, the decision was made to use this concert to raise funds to support the victims of the death and misery inflicted on Ukraine by Russia. Prior to the concert, a lot of work took place by all members of both choirs to promote and advertise the concert. To everyone’s astonishment, Chapel Street Methodist Church in Penzance was almost full. 

Both choirs sang with feeling and gusto which was probably influenced by the fund raising decision and with the many images of misery that have seen on the television and in social media. Both choirs came together at the end of the concert and sang ‘Rachie’ conducted by Steve Lawry and ‘Home, Home From The Sea’ conducted by Elaine Tangye. The choirs received a standing ovation from the very appreciative crowd. From the choir’s perspective, even though Covid affected the numbers singing, it was good to be back performing again. 

The decision was made to have a retiring collection as well, which, when added to the pot, resulted in £4,500 being raised. The funds have now been donated to the International Committee for the Red Cross for their on-going work in Ukraine. A big thank you to those who came to support the concert, it was absolutely wonderful to see so many people in attendance and also who gave so generously in the retiring collection. Thanks also to Penzance Orpheus Ladies Choir who gave a large donation to go in with the proceeds, as well as the committee of Mousehole MVC who rounded the amount up with a similar donation. It was a splendid evening of music and a terrific effort for the charity.   

Meur Ras to everyone who was involved, both to the choristers and to those in the audience.

Photo Credit: Val Bidgood (Nankersey Male Choir)
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