Further to the visit of the Mousehole Male Voice Choir to Southwark Cathedral and the Royal Albert Hall in November 2013, here is a remarkable letter from Southwark Cathedral's Visitors' Officer 

Dear John (Hobbs)

It was a delight to be able to have you here and we hope that you are able to return sometime in the future.

The afternoon of All Saints Day, 1 November 2013, saw Southwark Cathedral's Nave packed to capacity for an informal concert given by Mousehole Male Voice Choir. 

Advance publicity, undertaken by both the choir and the Cathedral, attracted a large audience. Some, were what could be described as choir "groupies", well aware of the reputation and standards of this choir, whilst for a large majority this was the first time they had heard them. All within the audience left uplifted but wanting more. 

The fine acoustics of the Cathedral, the warm and friendly atmosphere, and the outstanding standard of the singing and choice of repertoire, all contributed to a feast of music which would not have been out of place in any international concert hall. The choir exhibited a true ambassadorial role for Mousehole and Cornwall, and male voice choirs. Southwark Cathedral wishes the Choir continued success and looks forward to possibly welcoming them again on some future occasion. 

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